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Building trust to accelerate the energy transition

Solar installers, financing companies, and salespeople use Recheck to add transparency and accountability to the solar sales process.


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Identity & Verification

Sales reps and company owners go through a government ID verification process to create their unique Recheck ID.

Transparency & Accountability

Solar projects sold or financed through Recheck partners are tied to a specific Recheck ID.

Training & Certification

Recheck partners with leading training & certification organizations to promote higher standards.

Solar is great for America US Flag

The solar industry has grown quickly, helping over 5 million American families save money on their energy bills.

Helping more families

Recheck works with leading solar finance and solar installers to help the industry keep growing - by making sure every family has a great experience when they go solar.

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How it works

Getting a Recheck ID

When a salesperson signs up for an account on a financing platform, they verify their identity with Recheck by submitting a photo of their government ID and a selfie.

After verification, each solar project they sell is linked to their identity.

ID verification flow

ID Used Across the Industry

Recheck IDs are used on sales platforms, stamped on documents, and to look up sales rep profiles.

Recheck ID flow

Recheck ID Tied to Credentials

Salespeople can display verified training, credentials, and work history on their Recheck profile.

Recheck profile page

Solving Problems

If something goes wrong during the sales process, knowing who was involved helps solve problems and improve the homeowner experience.

Solving problems

Recheck works across the ecosystem



Build credibility with homeowners by creating a verified professional profile on Recheck.



Manage and track sales activity to reduce the risk of consumer complaints.


Finance Companies

Every solar sale can be traced back to a real, ID-verified individual salesperson.


States & Regulators

Partner with Recheck to implement consumer protection standards in your state.

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